Look I use to think this debate was cute now its just annoying. And this will be the last time I speak on the matter.

Let’s examine the box…

pork roll

Example 1- Now it does say Taylor on it. But nowhere on the box does the word Ham appear.

Example 2-  Right in the middle of the god damn package it says PORK ROLL.

Brand – Taylor…. Meat – Pork Roll

I rest my case.

These North Jersey New York wannabes can shove their Taylor Ham pride where the sun don’t shine. (Newark)

These people are worse than the Yinzers that claim the Steelers wear black and gold.

Steelers Kordell Stewart

Color Lesson

Jersey is Black…  and the pants are…. yup you guessed it Yellow….

Shout out Kordell Stewart he was Electric…

End of Blog…