Everyone’s making Tik Tok’s to the Loosie Slide right now, and they don’t even know that the bop of this whole quarantine is Lindsay Lohan’s “Back To Me”. Everyone’s going to discount it immediately because the last time we saw LiLo she was hopped up on the finest drugs in all of Mykonos shaking that rump with fake Michael Jackson.



Honestly if you took her name off of the song and said this was like Kygo. People would lose their minds. They’d probably argue it was the best part of New Music Friday. Declare they can’t wait for Kygo to come to town once the pandemic is done. I’m ready for 2020 to be Lindsay Lohan’s year. At this point anything is possible.

You don’t like this song, then you’re bias. These ears know a bop when they hear it. The boys will be boppin’ to this once the quarantine is over.

Excuse me while I go become Tik Tok famous.