This guy right here is the most powerful sports agent in the world even though he still gets spinach stuck in his teeth on a consistent basis.


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Rich Paul has dominated GM’s and owners since 2012 when he took LeBron from CAA and Leon Rose and started Klutch Sports. He forced Anthony Davis out of New Orleans to play with LeBron in LA. He’s negotiated almost a billion dollars in contracts for John Wall, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, and Eric Bledsoe. And now over 400 players don’t know when their next paycheck is coming this year due to the NBA’s “force majeure”.

Per Woj:

The collective bargaining agreement maintains that players lose approximately 1% of salary per canceled game, based on a force majeure provision, which covers several catastrophic circumstances, including epidemics and pandemics.

Once there is a cancellation of games, the force majeure is automatically triggered under the language of the CBA.



But there are less than 20 players who have an accelerated payment schedule built into their contracts which paid out 90% on April 1st.


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Nine of them are represented by Rich Paul and Klutch Sports.


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Obviously, when Rich Paul negotiated these contracts a pandemic was the last thing on his mind, but shit if it doesn’t make an already super agent look even better. Now everyone’s going to be asking their agent to negotiate an accelerated payment schedule. People are going to be bargaining teams to have their contract paid in full by January.

A guy that needs to make orthodontist appointments once a month to have his bands adjusted is adding to his legacy. I need Rich Paul to get purple and gold braces to coincide with the Lakers playoff run so Twitter would lose it’s shit. At least if I were him I’d get the glow in the dark braces. I don’t know how the adult braces community functions, but if you had glow in the dark braces in 4th grade you were the cock of the walk. Guys wanted to be you and girls wanted to give you hand jobs under the jungle gym.

Can’t wait for the intro’s at Staples Center in June when they turn the lights off and Rich Paul is sitting there looking like a jack-o-lantern in the front row.