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Sheeeeesh. T.O. fucking hates Donovan McNabb. I can’t really blame him though because Donovan went on Bleacher Report a couple months back and talked his shit about the Eagles’ 2005 season and blamed T.O. for the team going 6-10.



Now Donovan’s not necessarily wrong, but we also had a ton of injuries that piled up that year. I think we all deleted the 7 games Mike McMahon started in 2005 from our brains. T.O. could’ve been the greatest teammate ever and I don’t think he’s dragging the Eagles to a winning record off the arm of Mike McMahon and his 128 ypg and 55.2% QBR. I’m pretty sure Koy Detmer and Jay Feeley had a love child and Mike McMahon was created.


St. Louis Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles

St. Louis Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles


Of course, T.O. didn’t give a fuck about social norms and basically accused Donovan of being hungover during the Super Bowl and cheating on his wife at T.O.’s house parties.




Which brings us to the next wrinkle in the McNabb/T.O. feud. T.O.’s been tagging people on Twitter for his driveway challenge during the quarantine. 19 sit-ups for COVID-19 as a tribute to his driveway workouts back in 2005. Thanks for bringing awareness to Coronavirus I guess, Terrell?



When he was asked about why he didn’t tag Donovan he delivered an easy but effective kill shot across the bow:


Looking back on it the Eagles should’ve re-structured T.O.’s deal after his performance in the Super Bowl on a re-constructed leg. I understand why the Eagles loaded up the 7 yr/$49 million deal with roster bonuses and the majority of the money didn’t kick in until after year 3, but you know Donovan told the front office to pay Westbrook instead. That 2005 team should’ve went back to the Super Bowl and instead 15 years later all we have to show for it is two retired athletes competing with each other who could embarrass themselves more.


P.S. I was trying to imagine how crazy a driveway press conference from one of the best wide receiver’s in the league. Then I remembered that we had Antonio Brown IG Live’s with the cops at his front door and throwing gummy penises at his baby mama as he kicked her out during the season.