I don’t get this Adam Schefter argument? Every time it looks like he was about to plant his flag in the ground with a strong point he contradicted himself. He mentioned how NFL doctors and specialists don’t know anything about this virus and their projections could be dead wrong, and then follows it up with his own declaration that the virus is going to hit it’s peak in 2-3 weeks. Well how’d you get that timeline Schefty? Was it from listening to doctors and specialists?

I don’t know what people want the NFL to do. Training camp doesn’t start for another 3 months. We don’t know if this virus is going to be gone in three months or three weeks. Listen, I hate Goodell as much as the next guy, but what is he supposed to do? Just pack up his 40 billion dollar league and tell everyone the NFL will see you in 2021, stay safe out there. Every commissioner who’s season is postponed, is moving mountains trying to find a way to re-start as soon as possible. If Adam Silver could play on the moon he would. There’s a chance Rob Manfred is looking into your local little league that has 300 foot fences in left field. We’re going to have Aaron Judge breaking Barry Bond’s single season home run record by June. I mean Schefty was launching some NFL Draft day ideas out there on “Get Up” a week ago!



And for everyone bitching about the NFL holding free agency and the draft while there’s a pandemic and people are dying and wondering where their next pay check will come from. Piss off. Free agency and the draft happens every year. People aren’t just now going hungry or dying while these athletes are signing multi-million dollar contracts. Where was the uproar in 2012 when KONY was terrorizing Africa and Peyton Manning was signing 5 yr/$96 million contracts to play for the Broncos? People don’t just decide to stop dying because the draft is on ESPN.

What I’m really getting at is, sports heal in tragic times. NFL free agency and the draft play a part in getting us back to a sense of normalcy. ESPN yesterday aired the game of Mike Piazza hitting a home run to beat the Braves two weeks after 9/11. One of the greatest moments in sports ever. The first day that felt normal during the pandemic was a week after we were basically forced to stay in our homes for an indefinite time and quarantine. Following Tom Brady’s journey to Tampa Bay, the DeAndre Hopkins trade, and the Eagles signing Darius Slay were welcomed distractions from the outside world. Maybe it’s selfish, but I need any live sports I can get, and that includes the draft.

It feels hypocritical to say that it’s tone deaf to continue on with the draft when Schefty is tweeting out the trailer to “The Last Dance”, which ESPN moved up in response to the pandemic and knew they could cash in on everyone being in lockdown. The virus could peak in 2-3 weeks huh? Grandmom can you die after the first episode? This is the one where Dennis Rodman goes on a 96 hour bender in Las Vegas and Michael Jordan threatens to murder Toni Kukoc in practice. Kick rocks, Schefty.