2pac’s “Hit ‘em Up”, Nas’ “Ether”, Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline”, and “Here Kitty Kitty” by Joe Exotic. The three greatest diss tracks ever created. The fake fat discount brand Carole Baskin with the floral crown. The same exact suit and hat combo minus the cleric collar that Joe wore to Travis’ funeral, where he just talked about his love for tea-bagging. It’s everything you could ask for.

Am I wrong for saying the lyrics are actually very well written. I know it’s not Joe Exotic singing and he definitely didn’t write any of the lyrics, but you can’t help how the power of music makes you feel. “Hey Kitty Kitty” is an all-timer. 

“I Saw A Tiger” is a close second. The half-assed air guitar strumming is the stuff of legends.