Some of you reading this are probably thinking, “This again?” Plenty of you are wondering, “What is this?” For those that are coming in totally blind…this is The WooderBoys. This isn’t the first time The WooderBoys has been a passion project of mine. I started it at first when I was 24 and abandoned it after a couple years. I didn’t have fun with it. I stressed myself out with trying to scale, and when it didn’t happen I gave up. I now plan on having fun with it and I hope you enjoy that.

So why The WooderBoys? As a future mogul, I know when to strike when the iron is hot. There’s no better time to start a sports blog than amidst a global pandemic that has canceled every major sports league in the world? Some people play chess, I prefer checkers (I never understood how the chess pieces moved around the board). I’m up $100 in the last week gambling on Russian ping pong, and plan on quadrupling that by mid-April.

What is The WooderBoys? It’s a blog about sports, news, & entertainment. Simple as that. I’m not going to preach that I’m here to change the landscape of sports comedy in Philadelphia. Or I’m going to give you a fresh or authentic voice to Philly sports you’re not going to find anywhere else. Because I’m not. There’s a good chance your buddy Brett you grew up with is funnier than me. The only thing is Brett writes like Charlie Kelly from Always Sunny just huffed two cans of Valspar from Sherwin Williams. And Brett thinks Maya Angelou is the wife of the pizza shop owner down the street. I promise you’ll grow to like this blog. My main goal and everyone’s goal that will ever write, shoot video, produce content, etc is to make people that visit this site laugh. If you laugh, you’ll come back. Maybe you’ll learn something too.

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